Thursday, 11 February 2016

Favourite Booktubers

This is a list of some of my favourite booktubers, which if you're not familiar with are youtubers with channels primarily about books. This community is constantly growing so I'm probably going to  have to do an updated version at a later date. Just a disclaimer that this is not in any particular order.

edit books 4k Reading the mortal instruments the infernal devices xtinemay polandabananasbooks mourning period
I love this girl's channel, she was one of the first booktubers I found and her videos are awesome. I especially enjoy her booktalks and always watch them to see her reviews. I also love her comedy sketches and one of my favourite videos is her "Name that Book Challenge".

Sasha's channel is just amazing, she is extremely passionate about books and I feel that comes across really well. I love her positive attitude and the fact that were both the same age is also pretty cool. My favourite video of hers is probably "The Whisper Challenge" which she did with Sarah J Maas.

Regan was another one of the first booktubers I found a few years back and I've been watching her videos ever since. She definitely gives amazing recommendations and I know that if I'm ever need of a some fantasy recommendations she has a few...

Natasha's channel covers a lot of different aspects such as books, T.V, and she also does fashion and  beauty. I really like that she's able to do a variety of videos and she's just got this really quirky and cool personality that I adore.

Kat is the last booktuber I've included and I like that fact that she reads a large range of genres so she's someone who can give different recommendations depending on what you want to read. She also recently released a video called "Stages of book grief" and its really unique to anything she has made in the past so hopefully she'll produce more videos like it in the future.