Monday, 17 November 2014

Partials by Dan Wells (Book #1)

Partials By Dan Wells

This is a review on the first book in a triology, Partials by Dan Wells. The book is based on a war between humans and Partials, only years before the population of the human race was left  in its tens of thousands due to RM, a disease which wiped out the majority of the population on Earth. Those who remain in North America are scattered in an area called Long Island; home to Kira who is trying to save both the Partials and humans. Partials is a story of survival, determination and loyalty and how in impossible situations sometimes the right decision can be the hardest one to make.

I absolutely loved this book, although many of the concepts were science-y such as when Kira tries to find a cure for the RM disease, it is still extremely interesting and can easily be understood.  I loved how Dan Wells used Samm to show that we really should never judge a book by its cover because although he should be the 'enemy' he proves himself to be a loyal friend.  Although his character is very intriguing because  I feel he is a good character at heart, I am curious to see where his loyalties lie later on in the series and whether he will ultimately choose Kira over his own people.

One concept I was really fascinated by was the fact that humans are unable to reproduce because the babies are not immune to RM and subsequently die from it. This was because eventually without offspring the human race will die out and its ironic how the Senate were always focused on the latest attacks by the Voice because even if they addressed every other problem without a cure the humans would become extinct. When Madison's baby survives, it automatically unites the conflicting sides and it demonstrates how much it really means for their survival.

I was intrigued by the way the Senate who ultimately represent the government are set up in Long Island. Dan Wells displayed how authoritative figures can manipulate those they govern into believing certain ideologies if it is within their interest to do so.  Meanwhile, showing that in some ways humans need authority to make them feel they are safe and have a purpose which keeps their morale high, ensuring that those in positions of power remain there.

A very unique characteristic of the book is that none of the characters are what you would call  "evil",  Its mostly the way they approach the situation which makes them more or less evil and its these contradictory solutions which decide whether the reader sees the character as a villian or not. The best example of this is when we're introduced to the Partials who have been blamed for the deaths of billions of humans.  Yet, it is not till we are introduced to Samm revealing his side of the story, do we realise that Partials were treated almost like slaves and even after they  helped win the Isolation War; they were never able to integrate into society.

However the biggest plot twist by far was finding out that Kira is in fact a Partial!Utter Disbelief 
 Even though she herself wants a world where Partials and humans can live side by side; in a way she sees herself as someone who contributed to the death of the majority of humans. She assumes that just because she is Partial that the people that she loves will suddenly turn against her.  I believe the second book will delve more into this and Kira trying to accept who she is.

I liked that this book didn't require large amounts of romance which wouldn't of added to the story.  I think it makes the book more believable because she is able to put aside all her boy drama and concentrate her efforts on saving two races who despise one another. But I do think the first book has set up the rest of series quite nicely and it will be interesting to see whether Kira chooses Marcus or Samm.

Favourite Quote:

"I am stronger than my trials."